Justin Johnson

Information Systems Security Engineer

About Me

I am an enthusiastic Information Systems Security Engineer/Cybersecurity Engineer, with a rich experience of over 5 years in vulnerability/threat management and information technology.

I defend information systems by using tomorrow’s technology

As a seasoned cybersecurity professional with a strong background in information technology, I excel at meeting client needs and staying ahead of the curve in a dynamic field. I have successfully completed tasks and obtained goals ahead of schedule in various Federal projects using the NIST Risk Management Framework and safeguarding information systems from cyber threats.

I have extensive knowledge and skills in system/security requirements, current technology and software, and various security tools and devices. I can deliver high-quality outcomes on time and troubleshoot issues effectively. I am well-versed in Windows and Linux operating systems, vulnerability scanning, SIEM and log aggregation tools, GRC tools, and more. I have outstanding communication, teamwork, leadership, presentation, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. I am eager to use my expertise and creativity to tackle challenging and rewarding projects.

What I Do

Below are my strengths in what I do everyday

Security Operations

An effective Security Operations plan is what sets apart a successful business from one who is picking up the pieces later. I have a proven track record of reducing security incidents, improving response times, and increasing overall security compliance. 


If you are looking for a person who can jump into a cybersecurity framework and take over the tasks related to it, I am a well-established professional to help you with this. I have 5 years of experience in implementing NIST Risk Management Framework and maintaining ATO’s for Information Systems.

Security Engineering

Proficient in security testing, risk analysis, and incident response. Skilled in using various security tools and technologies, such as firewalls, encryption, VPN, IDS, and SIEM. Excellent communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills. I leverage my knowledge and experience to enhance the security and performance of an organization.


Windows and Linux Operating Systems

Cybersecurity Frameworks

SIEM and Vulnerability Management

Virtualization, Networking, Cloud, Server Administration

My Experience



Information System Security Engineer – Lead

I have responsibly led a team of Information System Security Engineers and received multiple recognitions from Government Leadership on outstanding performance. Responsible for Cyber Security Engineering, Vulnerability Management, Compliance Management, and following NIST Guidelines/Risk Management Framework


Georgia Tech Research Institute

Information System Security Officer

I was responsible for ensuring information systems were properly maintained and security documentation was kept up to date in accordance with NIST 800-37 utilizing NIST 800-53 controls and the JSIG.


Mount Vernon Towers

IT Technician

I was a part of an Information Technology Team who assisted both residents and employees with IT Tasks. I managed both wireless and wired networks, infrastructure, and networks.